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Figured Walnut And Maple Monitor Shelf

author-gravatar appartment_woodworker Sep 10, 2018

I stumbled across this piece of walnut in the shorts section of my hardwood store. It had many beautiful imperfections that I wanted to be included in my next project. I needed a shelf for my monitors to sit on top of my newly built standing desk and it was just the right size. It ended up being about 5 feet long and 9 inches wide. I used mortise and tenon joinery throughout the piece so I could enter into Reddit's woodworking contest.

This project was completed with mostly hand tools. I only used a thickness planer and sanders on the walnut for power tools Maple was used for the legs and underside support. The legs were connected to the walnut top with wedged through tenons. This was the hardest part of the build for me. The top had fairly aggressive curves on both edges which I wanted to keep. Because of this, I could only mark out the mortise properly on one side of the walnut. I went very slow for this step and it ended up turning out alright.

I tapped some machine screw holes in the underside of the top piece and used epoxy to attach the underside support. I made some walnut dowels by pounding a piece through a 5/16ths hole I put in some steel. These were used to attach the legs and the underside support together. The shelf ended up very sturdy. I finished it with about 8 coats of Arm R Seal semi gloss. I'm extremely happy with how this turned out!


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