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The Booky

author-gravatar ZKCL Oct 20, 2018

I present you my third project: The Booky.

I wanted to have a small table to put my books on my to-read-list. I Sketchuped a design and thought it was a good idea. It is not supposed to be load-bearing so I didn't mind the lack of middle/lower support for the legs. I just wanted something simple.

First I had to make a tapering jig for the legs. I had a couple of mishaps with my router but I built something functional in the end. I was not sure if I could manage to dry fit the table so I didn't waste any good wood and used some pine boards. I was very anxious when I cut down the half lap joint at the top of the legs, I was pretty sure I would ruin it. I didn't. But it was looser than it should have been so the legs are not %100 square. I have only 4 clamps and I couldn't figure out a way to clamp them either. So they are not properly jointed. The legs seems too long for my taste, I should have realized that on Sketchup. I also dislike the knots so I'm not sure if I will use this table. Nevertheless, it was a good exercise to learn woodworking.


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