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The Hexacoaster

author-gravatar ZKCL Oct 21, 2018

Here is my fourth project: The Hexacoaster

I downloaded and printed a hexagon illustration from Google Images then I cut myself two squares with the table saw. I transfered the print onto the squares. I dialed the miter gauge to 60 degrees and eye balled my table saw during the cuts. (A band saw would have made it easier but I don't have one.) The result was not really precise, actually it was far from perfect. I hand sanded the edges to make a more palatable hexagon. After half an hour or so it was ok-ish. But I had a problem, 2.6 cms was way too thick for a coaster. I dialed the highest height my table saw could go then flipped the hexagons 90 degrees. (Again - a band saw would have been better!) Unfortunately I made a mistake and could not cut them into equal thickness. Two of the hexagons were 10 mms and the other two was 13 mms. I took out my orbital sander and 40 grit sandpapers. I doubletaped the hexagons on a flat surface and started eating through the top. After half an hour of wrist pain and many corrections to skewed surfaces, I came up with the final thickness of 7 mms. (I so wished I had a thickness planer!) Once I reached the desired thickness, I went through them with 120 grits and 320 grits. I really wanted a satin finish so I wiped the hexagons with wet tissue then sanded with 320 grits. I did this three times and ended up with the smoothest surface ever! I took out my router and 45 degree chamfer bit for the edges. I handsanded the edges with 320 grits to remove router burns. For the last time, I sanded the whole things with the orbital sander at 320 grits. Now it was time for the bestest part, the teak oil :) It was sooo satisfying to see the colors come up! I waited an hour or so and reapplied some more teak oil. This is the result. Simple yet fun project if you only have a few hours. Hope you like it!


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