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Pencil Boxes

author-gravatar Timmy2Hands Oct 30, 2018

Christmas is coming up and pencil boxes make terrific gifts for kids and adults alike.

The Tiger Maple box here was specifically made to hold 24 colored pencils to go along with some coloring books. The liner is made from Walnut. The lids are cut off at an angle so they can only fit one way.
The other two boxes are made from some hardwood flooring samples I had, one is Chestnut, and the other is an unknown Brazilian hardwood. The liners for these boxes are made from pine, and they are made to fit generic pencils or pens.
They are finished with Danish Oil and furniture wax.

In order to fit a specific number of pencils I used SketchUp to work out the interior size of the box and I worked outward from there to get the final size of my parts.


Beautiful work, Tim! Love em'

I can't believe I'm just seeing this. Sweet boxes! How did you go about attaching the tops and bottoms? Anything other than a rabbet? I have a Reddit Secret Santa who is a principle and I was thinking a pencil box would be a great gift. Any tips you can pass on?

Hey Scott, the top and bottom are simply glued on, not even a rabbet. The pieces are small enough that wood movement isn't a problem.

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