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English Oak Lowboy

author-gravatar JoeM Nov 10, 2018

Lowboy or dressing  table made in the Early English Georgian style. Measurements taken from an original. White oak primary and secondary wood. The back board is pine. Hand cut dovetails and mortice/tenon joinery. Period style brasses. The piece was fumed with ammonia for age inside and out. Then dyed and finished with shellac.

Plans drawn

leg blanks cut 

shaped on lathe

shaped on lathe

legs compared to prototype

carcass material prepared

starting to assemble

drawer kickers

drawer dividers and front apron uprights

top front stretcher

checking fit of case parts

knee blocks attached

knee blocks and leg knees shaped

another view, apron to be trimmed behind knee block

front drawer dovetails. Showing drawer bottom, drawer runner

case assembled

hardware placement

top boards chosen

fuming tent





View of book-matched top

color and finish done

finish done hardware attached.

Front view

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Wow... Just beautiful! You are very talented. Thank you for sharing!    

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