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Wenge And Zebrano Box

author-gravatar physicistinthegarden Nov 11, 2018

After reading Matt Kenney's 52 Boxes, and in light of a conveniently timed r/woodworking "Smaller Than A Shoebox" contest, I was inspired to make this wenge and zebrano (zebrawood) box.  I wanted something that could fit my wallet and whatever watch I'm wearing that day without being too specialized like a valet box.  The box is made from wenge, the bottom is zebrano, the top is zebrano with a wenge pull.  Finished with four coats of super blonde shellac (Old World Shellac).  Final dimensions are 12" long x 5 1/2" wide x 5" high (counting the pull).   

The boards I started with.  Have enough Zebrano for another box. Had to buy a bit more wenge to make the pull for the top. 

Too wide for my jointer, so I skip planed to get it reasonably flat, jointed one edge, then ripped it down to size on the table saw. 

Mitering the corners.  

Rabbets on each side for the lid/bottom. 

Box ready to be assembled

Used painters tape to line up the corners, made glue-up super easy. 

Test fitting the lid. 

I tried a bunch of different sizes and shapes for the pull before I settled on a pull with a 15 degree taper on each side.  

Gluing on the pull.  

Clamping up the bottom.  I wanted it to sit slightly proud of the bottom of the box to give some visual interest.  The original piece was the same thickness as the lid, I planed it down by trial and error until I found a thickness I liked.  

Testing out danish oil and shellac for the finish.  The difference in person is more substantial than the picture indicates.  Decided to try the shellac (my first time using it).  

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Great job on the box, I love the wenge/zebrawood combo!

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