The Fine Woodworking 52 Boxes Challenge

This contest is now over. To see the winners, check out this post over on reddit.

The concept is simple: Check out Matt's 52 Box series he completed last year, pick one you like, and build your own! Unlike Matt, you'll have more than a week to complete your version, but hopefully, it can inspire you to get out into the shop to build more and stretch your sense of design and style.

Many have asked if more than one submission is allowed in the contest. You are allowed to enter as many boxes as you wish, with the following clarification on prize eligibility. Each person can get a maximum of 2 entries into the lottery: one for a 'regular' box and one for a turned box. (But you can't win multiple lottery prizes.) All entries are eligible for the editor's choice, no limits per person.

To read more about this contest and to learn how to enter for a chance to win, check out the post over on reddit. I want to thank everyone involved that set this contest up, and also wanted to thank Fine Woodworking Magazine for being such awesome hosts and for giving away some really cool prizes.

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Contest Rules


Because this is a sponsored contest with some amazing prizes, we've got some rules that need to be followed in order to be considered eligible to win:

  • Your entry must state which one of Matt's boxes you are building.
  • You may customize your box, but try to keep changes to color and wood species. Diverting too far from the original design will disqualify your entry.
  • Include progress photos in your submission. Nothing excessive, just make sure we can tell you build the box.
  • You must start your box after February 17th and complete it before April 17th


Guest Judge

Contest was in partnership with /r/woodworking on Reddit.