Opinions on Tool Wall layout

hampshirewoodworks hampshirewoodworks 5 years ago

I'm in the midst of a shop remodel and I'm moving from a cabinet to wall layout for my tools. I'm debating on what tools I should keep readily available and those that will eventually go down below my workbench in the drawers. 

Anyone have some decent tips on what's worked for them?

  1. I’m also looking to do something similar in 2018 so this thread will be good to watch. I don’t have a whole lot of hand tools so about 99% of mine will be up on the wall. The only thing I won’t hang is router plane, inlay tools (lee valley) and a few small items but all other hand planes will go up on the wall as well as a hand tool with a handle(chisels and rasps). 

    What are you thinking so far about what won’t make it to the wall?

    5 years, 10 months ago