Have you guys used sliding doors before?

Sean Sean 4 years ago

I had a chance to finally integrate sliding doors in my latest project and I gotta say, I can see me using them again in the near future. It's a great alternative to fiddling with hinges.

  1. Signed up just to tell you that this is an amazing piece.  Love the contrasting drawers hidden behind the sliding doors.

    4 years, 1 month ago
    1. Thank you! Sorry, I just now saw this comment.

      4 years ago
  2. My grandfather (carpenter by trade) made a hutch with sliding doors.  He used 1/2 ply, though, and  the doors never tracked smoothly.  This design with a milled-straight frame should work a lot better.  I might put some HDPE under the bottom edge for smoothness.  How did you handle the smoothness issue?

    4 years ago
    1. I make sure to wax the grooves every now and again to make sure it slides smoothly. It works well.    

      4 years ago