[2019] Wood Working Goals

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The turn of the year is approaching, and taking a page from Sean I'm starting this a bit early :)
I started my personal revival of interest in wood working in late 2018 when my daughter was born. I was raised by a carpenter, and was experienced in some ways, but unless you were building a shed or doing home maintenance I was kind of lost. So if 2018 was the re-beginning, 2019 will be the year of my workshop!

Expand my tool collection - I've been working for months now with a limited set of tools, or using tools in ways they shouldn't be to accomplish a goal. The collection has expanded somewhat, getting things as I needed, but now I want to be ready to take on projects before I start them. I want to expand my hand planes, auger bits, chisels - and not just buying whatever I find. I'm restoring antique tools for use, finding deals, making the tools mine in my own way. I also need more clamps, you can never have enough clamps. 

Learn harder techniques / projects - I've been playing it really safe, making a mallet, winding sticks, restoring tools. But it's time to step it up. I need to learn joinery, become fluent in finishing, start making things for around the house.

Build my Workshop - This one is important to me. Until now my workshop has been a kitchen table my wife has lovingly let me use, but it is limiting, disruptive, and her good will is running short as my collection of tools/wood expands. It is time to take on the dreaded hand-tool only workbench project, and take whatever comes with it. The garage workshop is my biggest wood working goal of 2019.

Study Wood - This one may seem obvious to some, and while I have a pretty good basic understanding, I want to learn more about the structure of wood and how to work with weird grains, weird and exotic woods. Dimensioning rough lumber, etc.

These are some of my goals for 2019, I'll be ringing in the new year planing 2x4s for my first bench top most likely. 

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  1. Thanks for kicking this off for 2019!

    Looking back on 2018:

    "Stop rushing to get a project done." - I probably didn't improve on this nor did I get any worse. I kept going at the same pace as 2017. That will hopefully change in 2019.

    "Learn everything I can about veneering/vacuum press/bent lamination." -  I learned quite a bit about bent lamination this year with my coffee table project and my barstools. Coffee table had curved aprons which were bent lamination and the barstools have a curved seat and backrest which were both bent lamination.

    "More design work." - I did a great job on this in 2018. Every project I made I designed in Sketchup.

    "Become one with my hand tools. " - I failed this one. I'm afraid the more power tools I get, the less I touch my hand tools. Maybe one day..

    My main goal for 2019 is to really learn the ins and outs of the CNC machine I've got coming. I love being able to make oddball projects like my handheld game console and retro arcade cabinet that could have been so much better with CNC. Now i'm not saying CNC machines are required to do good woodworking, this is just something I want to learn to up my game.

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