Milling Lumber & Cutting Tapered Sliding Dovetails

author-gravatar Sean Jan 29, 2018

We kick off this build series by tackling the case. The lumber you choose will have the largest impact on the appearance of this cabinet, so I went with the nicest stock I had on hand in the lumber rack. The case is made out of some beautiful curly cherry and the veneered back panel is curly English Sycamore. Did I mention the back panel is all ONE piece of veneer!? Crazy big piece.

I wanted to let this lumber acclimate to my shop before taking it down to it's final size, so I begin by leaving the parts a little thick and let them reset for a few days. Next I cut the tapered sliding dovetails using a couple of jigs. It's a little time consuming, but well worth the effort because we assemble/disassemble the case several times before finally gluing it up. And finally in this episode, I cut the design element on the top and bottom panels and route a chamfer to lighten the look a little.

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