Cutting The Breadboard Ends & Drawbore Pins

author-gravatar Sean Jun 01, 2017

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In the first part of this video I talk about how to keep the blanket chest lid flat during the seasonal changes using mechanical fasteners. There are a couple of different methods you can use, the easier route being a couple of cleats. Cleats are nothing more than a couple of pieces of wood that you would fasten to the underside of the lid using screws. To allow the lid to move, you will need to elongate the two outer screw holes when fastening the cleats to the lid.

The second method to keep the lid flat are breadboard ends. They are basically cleats but are installed using traditional mortise and tenon. The idea behind either the cleat or the breadboard ends are to have pieces of wood attached to the lid to help hold it flat and to prevent twisting and bowing. It's also important to note that the cleats/breadboard ends are attached so that they run perpendicular to the grain of the lid.

And finally in this video I show you how to make your own dowels using a dowel making plate. The plate I used is from Amazon, but I recommend checking out either the Lie-Nielsen dowel making plate or the kit from Lee-Valley. After purchasing the plate from Amazon I picked up the Lee-Valley 3/8" dowel maker and find that it does a fantastic job and wish I would have gone that route first.

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- Dowel Making Plate From Amazon
- Lee-Valley Dowel Maker
- Lie-Nielsen Dowel Making Plate

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Nice work on those breadboard ends Sean! 

Thanks for watching, Donny!

@DonnyCarter  said:

Nice work on those breadboard ends Sean! 

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