Milling Lumber & Gluing up the Panels

author-gravatar Sean Apr 05, 2017

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For the blanket chest i'm using 5/4 quarter sawn African mahogany. I went with 5/4 because the plans call for a final thickness of 7/8 which is quite difficult to achieve with 4/4 stock unless the lumber is nice and flat to begin with. I lucked out when picking my boards because not only were they wide (13 inches), but they were all 14 feet long and from the same log! This means I wont have to worry about the boards looking different when they age.

The final panel width is 16 1/2 inches so I will need to edge glue a couple of boards together to get to that width. I chose one of the 13 inch wide boards and the 7 inch wide boards to make up my panels. Since I have a 12 inch wide jointer, I removed an inch from the 13 inch wide boards before milling. I cut the side panel pieces at 20 inches (1 inch over size) and the front/back panels at 41 inches (again, 1 inch over size) before milling.

I milled the boards to 1" in thickness  and then head over to edge glue them together. After the glue dried I ran them through the drum sander to take them down to the final thickness of 7/8 of an inch. 

I set my table saw fence to 16 1/2" and ran all 4 panels through to get them down to their final width. Using my crosscut sled and a stop block, I cut the side panels to 19 inches and the front/back panels to 40 inches. Finally, I like to sand my panels with my random orbit sander with the rougher grits (80, 120) before cutting the dovetails.

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Very nice Sean! Great start to this project! And nice video intro also!!

Thanks man, I appreciate you watching and commenting! Yeah I wanted a fresh intro for the guild and my other Youtube videos and I think it came out alright!

@DonnyCarter  said:

Very nice Sean! Great start to this project! And nice video intro also!!

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