Glue up and finished product.

author-gravatar hampshirewoodworks Aug 22, 2017

Don't let glue ups stress you out. With the use of a slow set glue appropriate for the job, you can take your time and make sure you get things right. 

Key to a good glue up is a slow set glue. Old Brown has been my go to for furniture for years now. I keep it in the fridge to extend the lifespan (this is an animal product so it does go bad after 18-20 months or so), but I usually use up the bottles far before they'd expire.

I also like to put glue in a cup to apply with a brush. You have more control of where you put glue and how much glue you apply. A calm glue up is a good glue up.

I used 6 pipe clamps for the final glue of the legs to the shelves. One for each joint on the legs. Two people were key in flipping the shelf sideways after I set everything in place.

Even though dado construction should be self squaring, it's a good idea to double check.

The rack is complete! I really like the look with everything together especially the contrast between the legs and shelves.

Doing the job well.

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Beautiful shoe rack, Scott! I love the attention to detail in this guild build. Thanks for sharing with us!

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