Bonus Post - Lining the Box with Leather

author-gravatar Timmy2Hands Jul 02, 2016

This is a bonus post and I'll show you the way I line my boxes. In this case I'll be using suede leather, but this technique works with fabric just as easily.

I went to Tandy Leather and picked up a piece of chocolate brown pig skin suede, it cost about $15.00 and there is enough for at least two boxes and maybe three.

Here are a couple of other things you will need. A cutting mat, cotton batting, Super 77 spray adhesive, Barge all purpose cement, a plastic folding bone, a wheel cutter, and something to spread the Barge, I use these wooden craft sticks.

You will also need a stiff substrate to create the panels that will be wrapped in suede. I use cardboard cereal boxes, I just cut the large panels out and keep them for later use. The dog treat boxes are thicker cardboard than other boxes so I always keep those. 

 Fibric stores like JoAnn have a whole section devoted to batting, it comes in all kinds of thicknesses. I chose this stuff because it's all cotton and is was the thinnest batting available. You don't need to add batting to your panels, but I like the softness that it adds.

For this project I want really stiff panels, so I will glue the cardboard double thick before I start. I glue the shiny printed sides together and keep the raw cardboard facing out.

I start with the long side of the box and trim the cardboard 1/8" short in both directions. It needs to be a loose fit because we will be wrapping it in batting and leather which will take up the extra space.

I trim a second piece to match the first. I then do the same for the two short sides as well.

I cut some batting a little larger than the cardboard panel.

I apply the Super 77 spray adhesive to the cardboard panel and lay it down on the batting.

I trim the excess batting.

I go ahead and apply the batting to all four panels.

I cut a piece of the leather to a manageable size. I'll then apply the Super 77 spray adhesive to the batting side of the panel and lay it in place on the leather.

I trim the leather so that there is an even amount of overhang on all four sides. In this case, about 1/4" to 3/8" all the way around.

I clip the corners at about a 45 degree angle.

Now it's time to apply the Barge cement. 

Barge needs to be applied to both surfaces that you are going to glue together. I lay down a bead along one edge and then use a craft stick to spread it evenly on the cardboard and the leather flap. Let it sit until it's dry to the touch.

Barge is quite messy stuff, keep a small rag soaked in alcohol nearby to clean up any drips on you or your cutting mat.

I use a clean craft stick to hold the work piece down while I slowly start to fold the flap using the folding bone. Slowly work the flap up and over the edge to avoid wrinkles.

I fold over the two short sides first and then the long sides.

I start at one end and work the flap up and over. Once the Barge touches itself it's stuck, so go slow.

Depending on how close you clipped your corners, you may end up with pointy corners.

I take a small pair of scissors and slowly trim the inside of the corner till it looks better.

To affix the panel to the box I'll be using double sided carpet tape.

I make sure to get the tape near the edges all the way around. I use the folding bone to press the tape down hard before I remove the backing.

Carpet tape is pressure sensitive, which means the harder you press it into position, the stronger it will hold. I use a scrap piece of wood and a squeeze clamp to really press the panel in place.

Once the two long sides are done I turn my attention to the short panels. They will probably need to be trimmed a little for a perfect fit. Then it's the same steps as before.

At this point I could do a bottom panel as well, It would be the last panel in this technique.

But I really like the walnut, so I'll not be doing a bottom panel in this box.

I hope you found it useful.

If you have any questions about the tools or techniques that I've used here, please leave a comment below and do my best to answer.

Thanks for following along,


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