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Weapon Of Mass Wood Destruction

author-gravatar Grimster Aug 05, 2017

I've been using an ultra redneck self made tool to turn pens and bowls and stuff, and it simply had to be replaced with something more capable.  

This is my old tool, square tubing and a carbide cutter on the end.  I've made dozens (over a hundred) pens with this, bowls, Christmas ornaments, and all sorts of little projects.  I made the new tool with this.

Look at that jacked up tip, it ain't even straight!

And here we go, a 25 inch weapon of mass wood destruction.  My wife asked me "what if it breaks?" I was like "baby if this thing breaks you'll learn some new cuss words because if it broke it means I just saw my life flash before my eyes".  Total cost was maybe, $12, maybe.

Rounded down the tip real good so the cutter has easy access to all that wood.

The handle is black walnut and cherry scraps.


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