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Niece's Magic Fish Hook

author-gravatar anthonycibotti23 Nov 23, 2017

Built Maui's Magic Fish Hook (from Disney's Moana) for my niece Sophia for Christmas.  

Started with a Stud!

Not this to be safe though

Pencil in of the final shape and marking spots for dowel joints

Quickly threw together this doweling jig...worked like a charm

Lots of pressure

Time to bust out the jigsaw, it'd be nice to have that band saw right about now...the wife doesn't get Christmas hints.


Shaping, shaping, shaping...thank god I have nice neighbors for all the noise.

Shop Dog tax...and a messy garage.

Very messy

Sketching patterns

Burning it in takes a long time.

A VERY LONG TIME...but side 1 is done.

And magically finished...this fish hook is Magic 

Did a different pattern on the opposite side

Close up

Even wrapping took long...

Had to have her name in there

Finished Product


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