Dec 13 2019

Bessey Trigger Clamp Review

Bessey recently released version 2 of their trigger clamps and they are awesome!

Oct 28 2019

Podcast Episode 5 - Walt Primrose of Primrose Woodworks

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Walt Primrose of Primrose Woodworks out of Rhode Island. Walt has been a self employed Woodworker for over 10 years and offers a wide range of services including custom cabinetry, millwork and custom furniture.

Oct 28 2019

Podcast Episode 4 - Michael Hill

If you’re not familiar with Michael, he’s a very talented fine woodworker who not only builds high end pieces but also does quite a bit of turning on the lathe.

Oct 28 2019

Podcast Episode 3 - Greg Raiewski

Today I’m talking to Greg Raiewski from Petaluma, CA.

Oct 28 2019

Podcast Episode 2 - Seth Miller of East Oak Woodworking

Today I have with me Seth Miller from East Oak Woodworking

Oct 28 2019

Podcast Episode 1 - Guy Dunlap

I recently had the opportunity to interview Guy Dunlap of Guys Woodshop.

Dec 03 2016

How to Flatten Veneer

If you plan on working with veneer, you're going to need to know how to flatten it. Let me show you how I do it.

Feb 26 2016

Make Poplar Look Like Deep Red Mahogany

This 2 step recipe makes this inexpensive lumber look great.

Feb 12 2016

An Awesome Finish For Pine

With pine lumber being so readily available, it's the go-to lumber for a lot of woodworkers. This is one of my favorite finishes for it.

Dec 29 2015

How To Apply Gel Stain

Gel stains are a popular choice for woods that are prone to blotch like pine. Follow these steps to get a perfect finish.