Dec 03 2016

How to Flatten Veneer

If you plan on working with veneer, you're going to need to know how to flatten it. Let me show you how I do it.

Feb 26 2016

Make Poplar Look Like Deep Red Mahogany

This 2 step recipe makes this inexpensive lumber look great.

Feb 12 2016

An Awesome Finish For Pine

With pine lumber being so readily available, it's the go-to lumber for a lot of woodworkers. This is one of my favorite finishes for it.

Dec 29 2015

How To Apply Gel Stain

Gel stains are a popular choice for woods that are prone to blotch like pine. Follow these steps to get a perfect finish.

Dec 21 2015

Things to come

I'm starting this blog as another outlet for helping people with the craft of woodworking and leatherworking.