Our Story

Sharing with and learning from other crafters is what inspired me to create SimpleCove. My name is Sean Walker, I’m a woodworker from Kentucky and I started SimpleCove as a way to build a community of doers, makers and creators.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it; that spark of inspiration that comes from witnessing another person’s creation. Maybe you’re looking for some insight into how to tackle your next project. Maybe you’re stuck mid-project and need a flicker of motivation to drive forward. Or maybe you just want to take a look at some really clever, original work from creators like yourself and daydream about what you might create next.

At SimpleCove, share your projects and work in a collaborative, supportive setting with your fellow crafters. Tell the story of your project through images, share your frustrations and breakthroughs and capture the lifecycle of your projects. I think you’ll find quite a few others here who share in your experience. At SimpleCove, we’re a community of individuals sharing in each other’s challenges and successes.

It’s great to see that newly finished project, but what’s even more valuable is learning from the process that went into its creation. From that first spark of inspiration to the final product, SimpleCove lets you share the whole story. We encourage you to tell the tale of your latest project, and read about work from your fellow makers.

We’re an eclectic bunch, aren’t we? But that’s what makes this community great; the opportunity to learn from one another, to be inspired - to think, “Hey, I should try that!”

I create because I enjoy navigating the process and witnessing the outcome. It’s inspiring. It pushes me to do better.

Why do you create? Tell us your story. Join SimpleCove.