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2 weeks ago • Sean

Hey guys, the 2017 Holiday Gift Contest is now underway so get to submitting your projects! We already have several projects that have been submitted! If you have any questions, please post them here and I will answer them.

Thanks again to Acme Tools, Bosch Tools and Rockler Woodworking for sponsoring this contest!

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5 days ago • Clock_Man

I'm in the midst of a shop remodel and I'm moving from a cabinet to wall layout for my tools. I'm debating on what tools I should keep readily available and those that will eventually go down below my workbench in the drawers. 

Anyone have some decent tips on what's worked for them?

1 week ago • DonnyCarter

What finish do you guys use? I've always used Mahoneys walnut oil on my bowls and have started using it on my cutting boards. I don't like the typical mineral oil because it never dries. Thoughts? 

2 weeks ago • Sean

I've used them since I started woodworking but recently started to notice that when I use them on places like legs or table tops where theres an edge, the finish doesn't seem to dry as fast as the rest of the surface. Think i'm using bad tack cloths? Which brand do you use?

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2 weeks ago • nesportsman

I didn't take too many pictures throughout the process, but this gives you the basic steps required and some gotchas.