Frequently Asked Questions

What is SimpleCove?

SimpleCove gives you the ability to share your projects and to create your very own online portfolio. Don't link to uploaded images, link to your SimpleCove profile.

What Kind of content is allowed?

If you made it, you can upload it. Did you know that people browse SimpleCove looking for inspiration for their next project? So every time you share your work, you are inspiring others!

How many projects can I have?

Our goal is to allow users to create an online portfolio and to share their awesome work. Currently we allow an unlimited amount of projects per user. This may change, but users signed up before the change will remain unlimited.

How many pictures can I upload per project?

You can upload a total of 60 images per project.

Can I rely on SimpleCove to be my online backup service?

We give no guarantees, so we do not want you to rely on us as your online backup service. We are only human and mistakes can happen. That doesn't mean we won't try our best to keep everything safe and online. But please, always backup your photos.

If you have a question about any of the content above, please contact us.