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Roubo Framesaw

author-gravatar rickyli647 Nov 23, 2018

Hand tool woodworking is my passion. 

prior to building this beast, I've been doing resaw using a 5 ppi handsaw for some time. Frustrating and tiresome on large piece, I finally put this project on top of my list, thus this is my very first build in 2018. 

Saw frame was built using quart-sawn white oak, not only for strength, but also for the weight. Hardware is purchased from BlackBurn Tools. It's the 36" kit. Issac was so kind to provide me the tip that do not glue the frame together for flexibility. The acanthus leaf carving design is from Mary May's book. It is originally a half inch deep relief carving, I changed it to just a bit more than 1/16", the major reason is to avoid fragile carving piece on a hand tool. Oh the white oak is so hard to carve.

The entire project really pushed my limits. I'm glad that I pushed it through. The saw is a wonderful addition to my arsenal, it is a wonderful tool for resawing. A year almost past by, I'm still amazed how fast it cuts every time I use it.

building process video is below: 


Photo of Roubo Framesaw
Photo of Roubo Framesaw
Photo of Roubo Framesaw
Photo of Roubo Framesaw
Photo of Roubo Framesaw


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