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Modified Shaker Style End Table

author-gravatar rickyli647 Nov 23, 2018

Built this table for our Guest room in early Spring 2018. 

My in-laws were visiting us in the summer, so we need to get the guest room ready, and I would like to add a bit of elegant yet simple touch to the furniture they use.

The overall design of the table is borrowed from the shaker style. But I added the lower shelf with my own Curve-in-the-taper design. the table was built with Ambrosia maple, and finished with amber shellac. I like the pale color of maple, but for the elderly, I think its better to warm up its color a little bit.

the bottom shelf panel was resawn from an 8/4 piece for a book match. The Roubo Framesaw was at its glory. One of the front leg has a butterfly patch, to fix one of my mistake - chopped the mortise a little bit too deep :( The drawer is built with half-blind dovetail. The drawer pull is a hand carved piece in walnut, not perfectly round, don't have a lathe of any kind.

100% hand tool work.

"Bump-in-the-Taper" before the final shaping.

Curve-in-the-Taper joints for lower shelf. as well as the butterfly patch to fix my mistake.

Tools I used to shape the curve for lower shelf. A 3/4" dowel wrapped with sandpaper did the job, but man! I would love to have the H.N.T Gordon small curve spokeshave...

Lower panel resawn from an 8/4 piece for book match


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