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Joints For No Reason - Koshikake Aritsugi

author-gravatar joelav Feb 08, 2017

To brush up on general joinery skills, I'm going to be practicing at least one traditional Japanese joint each week. This week was the Koshikake aritsugi - stepped dovetail splice. This joint doesn't really have a place in furniture making, but is a good skill builder and a lot of fun

The completed joint

I start with a 5/4 piece of poplar and get it square.

Next I cross cut it in half and clean both ends on a shooting board

Tricky layout.There are a lot of cuts to make here. My goal was to make each one in an order that wouldn't remove any of my reference lines for the other cuts. 

I cut the dovetail first with my Dozuki

Next I flip it in the vise to saw for the shoulder 

The step actually goes below the dovetail so I rip  to the second scribe line 

Now to cut the cheek. I make a channel for the saw to ride in against the knife line

Then saw the waste off

Now I need to clean up the faces with a wide chisel

Once complete I cut out the waste from the tail

In order to layout the socket on the adjacent piece, I first need to cut the step. I rip it staying inside the line, then crosscut the waste off like shown above 

Now I transfer the dovetail

No good way to sneak a saw in here, so this is 100% carved using a 12mm and 44mm chisel

Once done I clean up the inside corners with skew chisels, and make sure everything is square 

And it fits. 


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