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Box #10 Contest Submission

author-gravatar georgeb Apr 02, 2017

My submission for the Reddit 52 boxes contest. Top and bottom panel made of walnut, sides and handle made of beech. This is the first time I've ever made a box like this before. 

Started with 3/4 inch thick walnut and beech... needed to resaw both. Beech for the sides and lid handle, and walnut for the lid and bottom. First time doing this... went surprisingly well aside from the fact that I turned one of the beech boards around horizontally instead of flipping it vertically, which shifts the cut over instead of keeping it to the same side... oops. I had some backup material to redo the resaw. Went better the second time.

Needed to be able to cut perfect miters, so I made a shooting board from some plans I found online. After some adjustments it works beautifully for trimming 45 degree ends. This little jig is amazing!

I used a table saw and chisel to cut out rabbets on top and bottom edges of each board. After doing a dry fit (next photo) I had to adjust the length of one of the pieces slightly. Aaaaand I got tearout. A little CA glue to the rescue.

Dry fitting to make sure everything goes together the way I expect... some adjustments, which is why I had to adjust length of a board.

Glue and clamping. Most of the spring clamps go on the bottom to ensure that the bottom piece of walnut sitting in the rabbet stays where it is supposed to .

The handle. All cut with hand tools because I don't have a bandsaw. I had to remake one of the small notched pieces when I cut the notch too wide. 

Glued down with CA glue, and 'clamped' with tape.

All assembled prior to adding finish. A couple of last minute adjustments to get things perfect, like planing down some imperfect alignments, and making sure the top fit perfectly. And then sanding sanding sanding...

Final product! Finished it with Watco Danish oil, natural finish. I'm really happy with how this turned out.


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