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Box 28 Build

author-gravatar RunninADorito Apr 17, 2017

Made an interpretation of Box 28 with Black Limba, Canary Wood, and Walnut lining/pins. I liked the slightly contrasting grain patterns of straight/rough and straight/smooth. The canary wood looks a bit orange right now, but that will turn to a nicer brown and might bloom a few deep reds over the next couple of months.

Fun project overall. Main learning is that I really need to remember to use hardwood backing blocks with the drill to prevent chipout.

I think it would look better with milk pain...but I don't have any.

First time working with black limba.

My glueups are usually a work of art

Thought long and hard about 1/8th vs 3/16th for the pins. Decided for 3/16. 

That orange in the canary wood will turn a nice maroonish brown.

Chipout is another lesson learned.


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