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Alaskan Boardwalks

author-gravatar floridapotter Jun 04, 2017

We live 18 miles from the paved road out here on the Fox River, and getting in and out of town can be tough on us and the equiptment we use. This year we have worked to build boardwalks over the big mud holes and trouble spots. So far we have laid down over 2 miles of boardwalk. It's a fairly simple and fun job, but can be exhausting at times!

It starts here, with basically any dead spruce tree I can get my hands on. Fall it, limb it, cut it into 12 ft logs then figure out how in the hell you will get them out of the bush and up to the mill.

My wife working the mill, we cut 2 inch slabs from 6ft logs, pretty quick and simple. Each log gives anywhere from 4-12 feet of boardwalk coverage. 

The half logs on the ground are our stringers, which half lap into the last set of stringers with 4 inch screws. I try to make them around 24 ft long.

Bringing the stringers to set up at the next location.

Always thankful to be driving on these, and not winching through mud holes.

Don't know what I'd do without her help, and the 4 wheelers. Here were are dragging them into place and spacing them 48 inches apart.

It's important to be overly precise with these tenons or else.. not really I do them quick and dirty with the chainsaw!

Working our way across the tundra on a beautiful day.

Here is our current sawmill site, what a beautiful view. 

Although this is from an old section we did, it shows a load of boards in the trailer ready for offloading.

My wife and John using 4 inch timberloks on the boards while I lay them down and space them out.

Ready to get more boards now, while the others are being screwed down. Over and over and over..

Bonus picture of our bear alarm Russel, trying to ignore the clouds of mosquitoes.

The finished product, covering some deep holes thato have caused many problems in the past. I know it's not your typical woodworking post but it's what we've been up to out here and thought you might find it as interesting as I do!


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