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Tea Candle Holder

author-gravatar bmcneill Nov 21, 2017

Unfortunately, work and wedding planning have kept me pretty busy this year. I decided to make only a few small gifts. For the future mother-in-law, I decided to make a tea candle holder out of some walnut a friend gave to me. 

First I glued a few pieces face to face. Each piece of the candle needs to be 2x2 inches. I made them a little large then trimmed them up on the table saw.

Once the pieces were squared up, I cut them into 4 smaller pieces. Each one is shorter than the last. I think I cut them at 3in, 2 3/4in, 2 1/2in, and 2 1/4in height.

I marked the center point to drill the hole for a candle. I used a 1 1/2in forstner bit to drill a hole about 5/8in deep. I also added a slight chamfer to the top using a block plane.

I used a drum sanding bit on my drill press to widen the holes a little bit.

The glue up was done in two stages. I first glued 2 and 2, then i glued those two sets together.

I messed up the second gluing so the sets were a little offset. I fixed that on the table saw. 

I added a chamfer to the bottom as well using the table saw.

Sanded and first coat of tung oil applied.

All finished!


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