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Dovetail Saw - R/Woodworking Firewood Challenge

author-gravatar acts65_woodworks Mar 28, 2018

This is my entry for Reddit r/woodworking Firewood Challenge (

I picked up an old Disston 68 saw with a gent style handle from a garage sale a couple weeks back. I wanted to make a new pistol grip handle and here is the process I went through in making it. (I ended up making a couple more tool handles while I was at it: small chisel, marking knife, and hand plane)

My new Dovetail Saw made from an old Disston 68 saw with a gent style handle and firewood (silky oak). 

This is my submission for the r/woodworking Reddit Firewood Challenge (I also made a small chisel, marking knife, and handle/tote for a hand plane while I was at it - see below)

I found a place selling firewood and had to check it out. It was a woodworkers paradise! At least it was for me since I like to make smaller items and don't use long boards often. They had all kinds of stuff there (olive wood, burls, figured stuff, wormy wood, etc). I think different landscaping and tree removal services dump the trees they cut down there. 

I spent a good thirty plus minutes climbing on top the mounds of wood in my work clothes and looking through what was there. Needless to say, the worker thought I was pretty strange. I made a pile and asked how much. He said $5. I ended up picking up some more pieces since it was so cheap.

I ended up choosing this piece for my project because I wanted something with long straight grain to keep the handle stable. I think it's silky oak

I cut it down to size on my bandsaw

I cleaned it up on the jointer

I glued on my template from Blackburntools and drilled some holes

Here is a picture after drilling. 

I roughed it out on the bandsaw

After some shaping with a sander, I used the saw to cut the slot

This part was difficult since initially I didn't have a small enough chisel. The picture is actually my second attempt since I messed up the first one and had to start over. I made a small chisel out of a drill bit and scraps from the same firewood piece. With this smaller chisel, I was able to properly size the slot for the back.

I picked up a Disston 68 from a garage sale a couple weeks ago for less than $5 and wanted to make a pistol grip style handle.

I cut off the old handle with a hacksaw

I grinded the back off with a belt sander

Sharpened the teeth

Picked up some brass bolts from Home Depot and sanded the round tops flat so it didn't look like random bolts I bought from Home Depot

Then I chiseled out the recesses on the back for the nuts to sit in.

Test fit: I was worried it wouldn't fit right but after some fiddling it fit!

This is after LOTS of filing and sanding. Did I mention  I sanded a LOT?

Applied the finish (Danish Oil and Paste Wax)

My new Dovetail Saw!

Here is a marking knife and small chisel I made from the same wood

I found an old reciprocating saw blade

(Marking Knife Build)

Cleaned it up

(Marking Knife Build)

Planned out the shape of the marking knife

(Marking Knife Build)

Epoxy time!

(Marking Knife Build)

Made a small handle for the chisel

(Small Chisel from a drill bit)

Threw a chunk of the wood on my lathe to make a new knob for my cheap Stanley hand plane to replace the plastic one.

(Hand Plane knob - work in progress)

Turned it round.

(Hand Plane knob - work in progress)

Here is a pen I turned a little while back (prior to the firewood challenge start) from the same wood.


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