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Chip Carved Cross (Original Design)

author-gravatar Albertan.Artificer Oct 29, 2018

Purple heart around chip carved basswood. The carving pattern is a design of mine that I had already proofed earlier this year on a different project. So it was fast to arrange the components into a cross shape. I only just completed this on time     *phew*    

This cross was designed and built for my grandmother's funeral.

~Started October 16, 2018 and completed October 21, 2018~

Finished cross

Rough width measurement

Rough length measurement

Lacquer on

Final sand

Glue up. Tape to protect the design

Prepping for glue up

Making the miters

After dados but before miters

Stock about to get jointed and planed

Finally done the carving, this one took me about 5-6 hours

Drawing printed 1 : 1


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