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Humidor With Storage

author-gravatar sandyeggo Nov 12, 2018

I built a couple humidors for a local company.  I built them off a rendering they sent me and they turned out just as they had hoped. They were a lot of fun to build and I really enjoyed the process of gluing up the planks to make the wood to comprise the humidors.  The company logo was machined into discs on the sides, with drawers on the front and storage in the rear.

All the Hard Maple wood cut down to rough sizes including the Spanish Cedar liner.

One of the drawers clamped up with glue, all done with rabbet joints.

The lower section nearing completion with wood drawer runners. The humidor was made to look old so of course no drawer slides could be used.

Sanding the drawers to make the gaps al the same.

Fitting up the discs on the sides of the 18" cabinet.

Getting the top storage cabinet in place on the bottom drawer cabinet.

A bit of knolling the parts, ensuring each matched part goes with the proper component.

Two lasers of stain, first up was vinegar and steel wool.  The second coat was a light brown stain.

Showing off how well the drawer gaps came out.  The Spanish Cedar on the inside rubbed the edges just right to seal it up. 

Using my CNC router to machine the discs.  The first prototype was 2D, this one is the final design and is 3D or 2.5D.

Distressed, stained, sanded, distressed again, touch up stain, and a final sanding made these pieces look great.

The 12" version, ready for delivery to the customer.

The 12" version, ready for delivery to the customer.

A glamor shot of the disc, it turned out fantastic!


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