Moxon Vise

Whether you are just starting in woodworking or have been a woodworker for years, you'll want to spend a weekend and build a Moxon vise. You are probably asking yourself "Why would I need this when my workbench already has a vise?" and trust me, I asked myself the same thing. Here are a few reasons why I built myself one:

1. A Moxon vise raises your work piece to a more natural position for when you are cutting joinery. A majority of workbenches are anywhere from 30" to 36" high, so when you clamp a board in your vise to cut dovetails, it's going to be at a position where you have to bend over to use your saw. The Moxon vise raises your work an additional 6 inches, making it more natural and more comfortable.

2. With this design, you can clamp boards up to 18 inches wide. This is perfect for projects like blanket chests or chest of drawers where you need to cut dovetails on wide panels.

3. It's portable! When you are done with the vise, un-clamp it and slide it under your workbench.

Sounds awesome doesn't it? I thought so, and decided to make it a guild build and share with you. Let's get started!

Moxon Vise Plans & Cut List   Updated on 1/1/2017
Front Vise Pattern Template
Rear Vise Pattern Template

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