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Contemporary Desk In Cherry

author-gravatar Kevin0611 Jan 05, 2019

From Issue #270 of Fine Woodworking magazine with some minor changes. I used cherry instead of walnut and reduced the width by 4 inches and the depth by two. Sorry I don’t have many build pics of this one. I put a few videos on Instagram (kevin0611) but that’s about it. 

The desk is cherry and the details are an off-white leather. 

The drawer was simply Dominoed together to keep it clean-looking and strong. 

Legs and side stretchers were done on my friend’s lathe. First time turning and they came out pretty good. The rear stretcher was shaped by hand using hand tools and lots of 80 grit sandpaper. Drilling mortises in round pieces that splay out 4 degrees was stressful. Kept double-checking to make sure I wasn’t drilling at the wrong angle. 

This little defect in the wood is one of my favorite details. 

Happy client!


I really dig the leather accents.

That Cherry is going to look even better after it darkens.

Beautiful desk! I think you did a fantastic job.  

Always trying to show us up aren't you Kevin? Freaking A, you hit this one out of the park. 

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