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Recipe Box In Walnut

author-gravatar Kevin0611 Oct 07, 2018

Decided to upgrade the plastic recipe box my wife has had for years using some walnut scrap that I had left over in the garage.

This is all the walnut I currently have in the shop. Turns out, I just needed the long piece in the background.

Resawn into 1/2" thickness. Final thickness is just under 3/8"

Boards edge planed together so they mate perfectly when the panel is glued up.

Two full-length shavings means I'm done.

Very happy with this. Very hard to find the line where the boards meet up.

Third board is for the top and bottom.

Grain matching the parts for the top and bottom. I like one better than the other so I made that one my top.

Glue up time.

After the grooves are put in the wood, I miter them on the table saw.

I then fine-tune the miters with this specialized shooting board for edge miters. Love this thing.

Testing the fit. Parts taped together against the jointer fence and table to ensure everything is square and level.

Very happy with these miters. Will be even better when properly clamped and glued together.

Miters were glue-sized (not using miter keys) and the interior was pre-finished with shellac prior to glue up.

Packing tape used for clamping while glue dries.

Timmy making sure I keep plumb. I needed to make the reveal a bit wider and more even all around so I used a cutting gauge to score a line and I removed material all the way around.

Happy with the inlay mortise.

Strips of maple laid into mortises and planed flush with the top.

Using the bandsaw to cut off the top.

Cutting off a piece of ebony to fashion a lift.

Some shaping and polishing with sandpaper up to 800 grit.

Using chisels and router plane to make mortises for hinges and ebony lift.

Using chisels and router plane to make mortises for hinges and ebony lift.

Finished! HInges installed and lift glued into place. 6 coats of shellac then rubbed out with 0000 steel wool and wax.

Just a couple of coats of shellac on the inside. Done before glue-up so glue squeeze out wouldn't stick.

Brusso hinges. Bought them a couple of years ago on sale and finally had a use for them!

Nice fit!

The lift may be my favorite part. Thanks for looking!


Great looking box, man!    

Thanks! And thanks for making a website that's a million time easier to use on mobile than Imgur!

@Sean  said:

Great looking box, man!    

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