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A Group Of Interchanges With Collector And Express Lanes

author-gravatar grahamkrenz Jul 07, 2015

This is part of my series of similar work. The material is Western Red cedar, joined by splines and then carved. I start all of these pieces with a big laminated sheet, without adding any sections or doing any further joinery. After I get to a stage I like, I bleach the wood's pigment away in sections, and usually oil the finished original areas so they age the way I like. This piece also has some ammonia applied, and will change colour significantly over time. I really enjoy chemically altering wood vs staining or painting. 


Wow! How long does something like this take??

Hi Sean,

This one took me a few months, but only working part time. If I was doing them full time I could probably be done one in about three weeks (assuming access to a lot of caffeine)

@sean  said:

Wow! How long does something like this take??

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