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African Mahogany Garden Tool Box

author-gravatar physicistinthegarden Mar 01, 2020

African mahogany garden box I built the hold tools and supplies for my community garden plot. I’ve been wanting to build something like this for a long time, decided it would be a great test project for my new Domino. Really simple but joint with domino construction for the box. The bottom sits in a dado which I accidentally ran the entire length of the front and back panel, then had to patch on the sides. Finished with TotalBoat marine varnish.

The box sits on two 2x4s which act as bracing for the bed. the front and back panel are longer than the sides, which helps keep the box from sliding off the support.  I’m not allowed any permanent fixtures (read: couldn’t just screw it on), so I ran dadoes in two board to match the profile of the under side of support and then ran 6” carriage bolts up though the bottom of the box. Easy to remove with the top open if needed, but otherwise securely locked in place. As my wife pointed out, I spent far more money on the box itself than I did on any of the things in the box....


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