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CNC Carving - Rayman

author-gravatar PurdueSi Dec 25, 2021

3D carved from cherry.  Character from the popular video game.  A gift for my 6yo son who loves the game.


Photo of CNC Carving - Rayman

I finished it with spray lacquer - 4 coats.  Let my son choose where in his room to hang it.

Photo of CNC Carving - Rayman

I modeled the relief using Blender 3.0 by tracing a reference image.  I know Aspire is great for this sort of thing, but I didn't want to spend the money for the program.  Blender has quite a learning curve - it took me a few weeks of watching BlenderGuru videos on YoutTube (he's so so great) and I even took an Udemy course on Blender to learn my way around.   

Photo of CNC Carving - Rayman

I'm sure this is a super simple project for a Blender expert and lots of ways I could make this better - but I was thrilled with the result.  Start to finish this model probably took me 2 hours.

Photo of CNC Carving - Rayman

I then exported the model from Blender as an STL and imported it into Fusion 360 for the toolpath creation.

Photo of CNC Carving - Rayman

After the roughing pass.  I used a 6mm flat end mill.

Photo of CNC Carving - Rayman

After the finishing pass.  I used a tapered end mill with a 0.5mm tip with a 0.007" stepover.  It took 35 minutes.


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