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author-gravatar rowjimmy28 Jan 13, 2023

A smallish dresser with big drawers made of poplar and walnut.   Needed to break up all the wood in the room this is going in with some color.  Hand cut dovetails using Rob Cosman methods.  Used Insl-X Cabinet Coat for the paint and finished with a hard wax oil on the walnut. Thanks for looking.  #dresser #paintedfurniture #handcutdovetails

Photo of Dresser
Photo of Dresser
Photo of Dresser


Wow, I love this design and the joinery on the base is very impressive! Thank you for sharing

Love this project! And love the use of paint to lower the cost without lowering the quality.

I appreciate the work you put into this, but I am not at all a fan of it. I do see you used undermount drawer mounts (Blum?) which I like.  

I appreciate the honesty.  Yes the undermount slides are great!

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