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Pimp My Whiteboard

author-gravatar rccreativellc May 10, 2016

I built this project when I quit my god-awful ad agency job and started freelancing full-time. Web development is as  much a hobby as it is a career and I use my whiteboard every day, so I think it's a perfect submission for this contest.  Unfortunately I never expected to use this project for anything like this so I don't have build photos. Fortunately, it was an easy build:

1. It's all 3/4 cherry. The front and bottom of the "chalk tray" are 1/4" cherry that I resawed on the bandsaw.
2. Jointed and planed all the rough lumber
3. Cut all the pieces to width and length.
4. Routed a stopped rabbet into the back of the rails and stiles to accept the board.
5. The frame is assembled with pocket screws.
6. The chalk tray is attached from the back with wood screws. The front and bottom are pinned in with finish nails.
7. Finished with teak oil
8. Hung with a french cleat.

Photo of Pimp My Whiteboard


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