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Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

author-gravatar jointery Jun 09, 2018

Entryway coat and hat rack. We needed a place to hang our hats and get our coats out of the way. I'm very pleased with the results. It ended up being a really nice project that made the entryway feel more homey. 

I used a mostly leftover boards I had laying about for this project. The slats were ripped on a table saw before cutting everything to its final dimensions. I then smoothed all the pieces with a plane before cutting dovetails. After glue up I did some final planing to smooth out the tails, and finished with General Finishes satin.

Photo of Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

I wish I had taken a few more photos than I did. Next time! I cut the pins on the backboard first. Then I did the tails to attach the support pieces and dry-fit them so I could get final measurements for the slats. 

Photo of Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

Then I did the pins and tails for the slats. Cutting a single tail on the end of a long thin board is challenging -- it's hard to get the perfect angle and fit for the pin. 

Photo of Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

Glue up -- there were so many dovetails that the project pretty much pulled itself together. Everything was glued up in one go. 

Photo of Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

I rubbed some sawdust into the joints to hide my sloppy technique. 

Photo of Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

Here is a picture from before I did some final cleaning up with the plane and finishing. 

Photo of Entryway Coat And Hat Rack

Post-finishing, I was laying out the hooks before attaching them. 


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