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Old Axe Restoration

author-gravatar FABIENG Jun 19, 2016

I bought for 4 euros at the French equivalent of goodwill a rusted axe head with the project of restoring it.

Very rusted, and completely dull

A good amount of surface rush! 

But I like the shape 

Can barely see the brand of the axe

The old handle broke with the previous owner and was never replaced, judging by the number of nails wedge in the wood it must have been pretty loose

After a little work on the axe, she is great again! 

I used some rotating wire brush at the start to get rid of most of the rust. 

Then I switched to sandpaper 80 grit to start, then as the paper was used it became less and less coarse 

I then polished the axe head with very fine grit sandpaper 

I then made the handle from a piece of unknown wood, I cut the piece square with the circular saw. 

Then with my block plane, I rounded the piece of wood little by littleby little until it's fitted the axe head hole. 

I then cut a slot in the handle to be able to put a wedge in


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