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Baltic Birch Hanging Plane Rack

author-gravatar tmbridge Jul 29, 2016

I've been buying and restoring old planes for a while now.  It's been hard not to keep them all but I've been a good boy and only kept one #7, one #5, one #4 and a few block planes.  You can find more information about those planes on their respective project pages:

Coming soon!

I needed a place to store (read: display) them when not in use and I found this hand plane rack plan in an old Popular Woodworking.

Photo of Baltic Birch Hanging Plane Rack

I got about 30 sheets of 19" x 23-1/4" cut-offs from a furniture factory. They were in decent shape but not square and they have these black dots on them. I think the black dots were to indicate drilling locations for those little plugs that assembly-yourself-furniture is so fond of.

Photo of Baltic Birch Hanging Plane Rack

So, I decided to use them to build this. With those awkward dimensions, I had to do some 'frankensteining' (i.e. cutting them apart and putting them back together to match the dimensions of the plans I had). In retrospect, it turned out that this was a stupid idea. More than half the time of this project was making the sheet goods the right dimensions. I should have just saved them for something else and bought a fresh sheet to cut down easily. Not to mention I used pocket screws and this led to...

Photo of Baltic Birch Hanging Plane Rack

Unfortunately, I cut this side incorrectly -- a mirror image of what i wanted. Those pocket holes should be on the inside.

Photo of Baltic Birch Hanging Plane Rack

Overall, it's a shop project and serves its purpose. I built in extra space for future acquisitions. I'm still not sure how I want to hang the Stanley scarper either.

Photo of Baltic Birch Hanging Plane Rack


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