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Tea Candle Box

author-gravatar Clock_Man Dec 14, 2016

This was for my office Secret Santa. I'm much more interested in building people a gift instead of buying something, so I figured a box would be easy enough.

I'm cheap and have tons of scraps lying around my shop. These were some that I found that should fit the bill pretty well.

Milled and getting a decent idea of what the size is going to look like.

Miters cut with a sled. I really love that I get consistent results for tight corners.

Because I was going for a sliding lid on this box, I made grooves on the top and bottom. On the one end I cut all the way through with the blade. If I was really spiffy I would have used the same piece in the spot for the pull, but I was lazy so I use a cut off from that end piece.

I forgot to take shots of making the rabbet for the lid pull. I just used a shoulder plane and a piece of wood as a guide. It wasn't perfect but it worked for the job.

Glue up. Band clamp and blue tape make this easy peasy.

Lid slides and we're looking good!

I flubbed a little on the lid pull and ended up with a small gap. If I make one of these again I'll leave the bottom of the pull proud and then plane it to fit.

Cue artistic shot with wood shavings.


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