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Desktop And Mantle Clocks

author-gravatar woreoutoldsoldier Apr 08, 2017

These are simple desktop time varies from a couple of hours to perhaps three or four hours..depending on the complexity of the design (lathe work, glue-up, etc.) I used to get the movements from klockit (3" dia. For under $8.00 ea., but they've gone insane with their prices lately...about 14 dollars😱😤😡... I buy them for my students to use in their projects...most of the kids never pay for the stuff I supply so I'm gonna have to find a more economical source for my clock parts...

This is a glued up turning blank for very basic desktop clocks...each blank will make about four clocks...

Note the glued up ring that will top the clock...this one is mahogany...I prefer Purple Heart or walnut, but I had that piece of mahogany and didn't want it to go to waste..


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