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Moxon Vise W/Benchcrafted Hardware

author-gravatar myfgti Aug 13, 2017

This Moxon vise was the first real woodworking project I attempted. I must have watched the video 20 times before and during the making of this. It was a HUGE learning curve and along the way I made several big mistakes but overall I'm very happy with how this came out.

I don't have a solid workbench or a vise and I do want to do more handwork, especially dovetails, so a Moxon vise was a perfect first project. It was intimidating visiting the lumber yard for the first time and I may not have selected the best or most appropriate wood for this project but it seems sturdy enough and I figured I could always make another one. The maple I had wasn't quite wide enough for the top so I added the walnut in the middle. I think it makes it look nice, too.

I didn't do the curves that offer clamping support because I don't have a proper place to clamp to, so I added some wood cleats to the workbench  to help secure the Moxon vise. The metal tabs you see are attached to the work top to keep the vise from coming forward. I think one day when I have the space and a proper bench I'll make another Moxon vise and hopefully remember the mistakes I made this time and not repeat them!

The functionality of the vise is great. I've used it on every project since I built it and it has worked very well. The only limitation I see to it is that because it is my only vise I can't always clamp very thick items (like boxes) in the vise. But for what it's meant for, it's perfect.

The Benchcrafted hardware is awesome. You can feel the quality of it the moment you pick up the first item out of the box. 

Finally, the piece of walnut you see clamped in the vise is for my first furniture project, the quilted maple wall cabinet. 

Photo of Moxon Vise W/Benchcrafted Hardware
Photo of Moxon Vise W/Benchcrafted Hardware
Photo of Moxon Vise W/Benchcrafted Hardware

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Really nice moxon vise! I love the accent walnut piece on the top, that was a good call. I would be proud to call this my first woodworking piece. Thanks for sharing!

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