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Posting Facebook Status With Tv/Ac Remotes!

author-gravatar Tneutron May 26, 2015

Yes, that's right... I typed it all with a TV remote and posted it in Facebook using the AC remote! B|

First off, this is my first upload in Youtube and I am also new with Arduino as well. So, sorry if I've made any mistakes in here. Pointing out some mistakes or leaving opinions about this in the comments is highly appreciated. Thank You! :)

Everything is pretty basic in here, if you know the basic things about coding.
I've used an IR receiver and a 16x2 LCD. The receiver catches the signals and for every specific signal, the Arduino has been programmed to display a specific character.

Then when a specific button of the AC remote is pushed, the Arduino passes everything written in the LCD to a script in the laptop. The script does rest of the work :D

Also, yes, I've used Facebook API too! So, there's no magic in here, it is all about knowing the necessary codes in necessary places :)

Happy coding people.

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Pretty clever device. Awesome job and thanks for sharing!

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