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Toy Rocking Horse

author-gravatar thisolecabin Nov 13, 2017

With Christmas ahead and a 3 years old niece I thought I would take a whack at making her a rocking horse.  The horse is made from a single pine 2x12.   I stenciled out the horse and rail and cut them with a band saw.  Next I took the edges off the horse with a belt sander and a rasp on the seat to contour it a little bit.  I used the scrap from the horse to cut plugs to cover all the screw holes.  I drilled holds in the head and back side to glue yarn into and then used the glued pieces to tie down bundles for the tail and mane.  The Horse was screwed and glued and then stained with a ebony minwax and the rails and seat painted red.  


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