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Appalachian/Mountian Dulcimer

author-gravatar thisolecabin Jan 03, 2018

I made this Dulcimer over the course of a few months last summer.  The sides, neck, and head are made from a piece of oak that had been in my grandfather garage for the last 50 years or so.  I started by ripping strips for the side and steaming them over a few hours, then clamped them for a few days.  I made two blocks for the top and tail with rabbets for the side to fit into, and glue the sides of the body.  I glued the top and back onto the body frame and cut it out with a scroll saw.  

To make the head stock I cut the neck at about 40degs, drilled two holes with a 1" forsner to make the hole for the tuners to come out.  Then glue the head back to the neck and glue the neck to the body.  The whole instrument is finished in Danish Oil.

Here is video of it being played:

and the etsy listing if anyone is interested:


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