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Firewood Bowl

author-gravatar Norfolk_T Apr 10, 2018

This is my submission for the r/woodworking firewood challenge.

This firewood had been in the backyard for about a year before it was milled down.

Cutting the firewood down on the tablesaw.

All cut down.

Glue up started.

Resin was poured into any gaps that the firewood had. This helped to stabilise the firewood and make it easier to glue and plane down.

Glued and planed.

Cut into circles to make turning easier. Glued up into a bowl blank.

Bowl blank glued up.

Mounted onto the lathe.

Profile of bowl cut.

Inside hollowed out.

Rough bowl turned.

Burning of the bowl started.

Burning of the bowl continues.

Burning of the bowl finalised.

Burnt bowl covered in resin in order to stabilise the burnt edge.

Remounted on the lathe and final shaping of the profile done.

Covered in varnish and sanded to 600 grit.


I like the torched lid, looks rustic! Thanks for sharing!

@Sean  said:

I like the torched lid, looks rustic! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much. I thought that it was a bit of a twist on using firewood.

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