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Modern Side Table

author-gravatar Sean Nov 05, 2018

With my moms birthday coming up, I decided to build a side table for her to use as a plant stand. The top is made out of some beautiful curly cherry and the base is mahogany that I dyed black using India ink. For the finish I wiped on 4 coats of a wiping varnish on the top and 3 coats on the base. I sanded in between each coat with 320 grit sandpaper.
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Parts Used To Make The Table
Aprons - 2 1/4" Wide X 10" Long X 3/4" Thick (QTY: 6) (The aprons have a 30 degree angled cut on one end of each apron)
Legs - 2 1/4" Wide X 20 3/4" Long X 3/4" Thick (QTY 3)
Top - 20" Round X 3/4" Thick

Products used in this video(affiliate links):
StainPad -
Doweling Jig -
3/8" Dowels -
India Ink -
Arm-r-Seal Semi-Gloss Varnish -
Wood Glue -
Circle Jig For Router -
Plunge Router -
1/2" Router Bit -
Carpet Tape -


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